The Best Tripod Sprinklers

best tripod sprinkler to buy

Hydrated outdoor plants and grass lead to becoming a healthy and beautiful lawn. To ensure the hydration of your lawn while also being able to enjoy a bit of the outdoors in the warmer months, you’ll need to get a tripod sprinkler. The best part about a tripod sprinkler is the coverage it provides with the ease, with the purchase of a tripod sprinkler all your plants, grass, shrubs and flower beds will have ample water and never go thirsty again.


The Best Tripod Sprinklers

Orbit impact tripod sprinkler

Orbit 58308Z Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base, Green
RESISTS CLOGS: Flow-through design, resistant to clogs and ideal for secondary...

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With Orbit tripod sprinkler, there’s no need to water your lawn manually every day. Adjustability, ease-of-use, and reliable performance are the hallmark of Orbit’s tripod sprinkler with brass impact head. It waters an area up to 80 feet in diameter and adjustable from 0 to 360 ̊. In addition, the solid brass head provides consistent even coverage for years of use and reliable performance. The metal tripod legs provide infinite independent adjustments between 22.5 to 48 inches according to the watering need. This allows the use of tripod sprinkler on rough terrain or uneven ground.

Orbit’s tripod includes many features that you won’t on any other competitive tripod sprinklers. Besides, the strongly anchored and weighted leg support pads keep out the dirt and debris while providing a robust secure base. The tripod can be adjusted with the ergonomically designed easy-flip adjustment clips which allow fast one-hand adjustments. Moreover, to prevent breakage, the clips are reinforced with ribbing. The oval molded brass swivel with an angled gooseneck provides easy hose attachment even at the lowest height settings. Plus, an adjustment large comfortable knob locks the sturdy leg supports in place for stable operation. For easy storage, the tripod folds into small size.


Strongway Tripod Sprinkler

Strongway Tripod Sprinkler with Round Base - 3/4in. Brass Head with 2 Nozzles,...
Adjustable spray pattern can be set to a full or partial circle; Sturdy round...

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Efficiently water your garden or lawn with the Strongway tripod sprinkler. This tripod sprinkler covers a wide area up to 11,000 sq.ft. for easy watering of large gardens. The 3 ¾ inch aluminum sprinkler head has 3 nozzles that can be adjusted to full or partial circle spray pattern to provide coverage up to 100 feet in diameter or 7800 sq.ft. Besides, it delivers a fast water flow rate from 7 to 14 GPM. The impulse sprinkler type has a 60 feet radius and holds the water pressure ranging from 20 to 60 psi that is effective and safe to use with standard garden hoses.

The tripod features a usual garden brass swivel for easy hose attachment and 3-nozzle style distributes water at 23° trajectory. Moreover, the tripod features a round sturdy 25-inches base that has 3 spikes which add to durability, stability, and balance even during windy days. These adjustable tripod legs are crafted from heavy-duty galvanized steel which keeps it safe from corrosion. The grayish-black tripod stands at 36 inches height with 34 inches length. Also, the sprinkler is easy-to-use, install, and store as it folds small.


Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer 

Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler , Black
120 degree sensor with night only, day only, and always on activation modes;...

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Water your garden and protect it from unwanted pests and critters with the new advanced 2-in-1 Garden enforcer sprinkler by Orbit. Make landscape the way you want! The garden enforcer is a sprinkler with motion-activated features combining sound, motion, and water to deter animals like cats, dogs, deer, birds, skunk and other similar pests from your yard without hurting them. It features a passive infra-red motion sensor for night and day operation and a 120 ̊ field of view that detects animals from 40 feet away.

Furthermore, it has an adjustment knob to adjust the sensor up or down or left or right shift. The sprinkler has a flow-through riser which allows the connection of additional hoses and sprinklers that are all controlled by the valve.  Moreover, the latching solenoid valve can cycle up to 5000 times on the set of alkaline batteries. You also get range and duration adjustment options to increase or decrease range sensitivity and sprinkler duration.

With a single hit button, a 30-minute time cycle activates. The high-quality construction will not corrode or clog even with hard water. Plus, the nozzles are clog-resistance which makes it maintenance-free. It is easy to set up and use; simply attach the outdoor hose to the inlet above the spike.


Melnor 65066-AMZ sprinkler

Melnor 65066-AMZ Metal Pulsating Sprinkler QuickConnect Product Adapter, Amazon...
Study metal tripod extends to 48” high to water from above; Coverage up to 85'...

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Say hello to a healthy garden with Melnor robust steel tripod sprinkler that extends up to 48 inches in height.  Engineered with quality materials and metal construction makes it durable enough to last every season. The base easily connects to almost all garden hoses by gooseneck attachment. Besides, with a full circle and partial spray coverage, the tripod base adjusts the height which makes it ideal for large lawns and gardens. The metal impact head and anti-backsplash arm offer smooth sprinkler rotation. Plus, another advantage of impact head is that it adjusts from 25 to 360 ̊ with 85 feet diameter spray distance to set the water pattern. It is also suitable to spray a mist over shrubs and other vegetation.

Moreover, the galvanized metal nozzles resist clogging and corrosion with the new flow-through design that protects it from dirt and sand. This silver tripod sprinkler is easy to connect and disconnect with the use of quick-connect adaptor included. In addition, the wide base with a secure sturdy surface makes this oscillating sprinkler stable to withstand heavy winds.


AYNEFY Lawn Water Sprinkler

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AYNEFY sprinkler is a heavy-duty zinc alloy tripod sprinkler that sprays water in your yard in the most effective way. With the 15 to 360 ̊ angle range, you can achieve a semi-circle to full-circle spray coverage with a spray range of 24 meters. Moreover, you can adjust the spray distance and bracket height to cover a specific area. It features 4 unique threaded sprinklers with a corrosion-resistant nozzle that releases water mist accurately and evenly. The tripod stand is made from top-grade stainless steel which provides a stable and durable base.

The tripod and sprinkler are designed in such a way that it provides a flow rate of flow 0.5 -1.3 m3 per hour and withstand pressure up to 0.2-0.4 mpa without any leakage. Flexible; adjust the height of tripod sprinkler from 45 to 89cm according to the irrigation needs. The zinc sprinkler measures 3.94 x 4.53 inches and the tripod length expends to 96cm for tall plants. Easy to operate, all you have to do is attach the hose with sprinkler and attach the tripod’s ground insertion plastic pins in the grass. Overall, the tripod sprinkler has improved durability, strength, and performance.


Other Tripod Sprinklers Worth Considering

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Eden 96213 Lawn & Garden Essential Oscillating Sprinkler | Water Sprinkler for...
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Orbit 58573N H2O-6 Gear Drive Sprinkler, Spike B 58573, Green
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Orbit 58573N H2O-6 Gear Drive Sprinkler, Spike B 58573, Green
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XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
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XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
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  • Watering Width Indicators visualize width adjustments to help you easily set and...
  • TwinTouch controls adjust the width and range of the watering pattern to cover a...

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Purpose of a tripod sprinkler:

A tripod sprinkler is basically a watering mechanism for an outdoor lawn or garden. The sprinkler is set on a tripod stand, this tripod stand has adjustable and customizable options that can be set by the user according to their needs, and for instance, you can adjust the height of the stand as well as the spray pressure and distance, coverage area to sort out the spots that require more hydration.

The tripod sprinkler is also very portable so it can be set down and shifted with ease, reallocation is also very convenient and easy. A tripod sprinkler helps in irrigating your lawn and garden in an effective and efficient way.


What to look for in a tripod sprinkler?

Following are the key points to keep in mind while looking for a tripod sprinkler:


The quality of a tripod sprinkler is determined by the material that has been used to make it. Many people go for a cut-rate bargain and buy the inexpensive tripod sprinkler, this seems like a fine option at first but it becomes evident that by doing so you’re not saving money instead you end up wasting it as the subpar tripod sprinkler are easy to break and get spoilt easily.

When buying a couple of tripod sprinklers for your lawn, make sure to invest in high-quality and reliable tripod sprinkler so that even if you have to pay a bit more money, at least it should be worth your money.


The durability and quality of tripod sprinkler go hand in hand, as the better the quality of tripod sprinkler the more durable and reliable it will be. The more expensive tripod sprinkler tends to last longer and bear more wear and tear, make sure while buying tripod sprinkler that it is by a prestigious company and has been made of high-quality material.


The coverage of a tripod sprinkler means how much land can be covered by it, this feature is adjustable. The key to buying the perfect tripod sprinkler is to know the exact size of your lawn so that while buying a tripod sprinkler you’ll know exactly how much water needs to be sprayed to cover your whole lawn. The tripod sprinkler with aluminum base ten to be more reliable and are prone to tipping over. The base of tripod sprinkler also makes them adjustable to cover maximum area and also hose down even the hard to reach areas of your lawn.


The most important thing that can help you buy the right product is to know the purpose of that product, when you’re buying a tripod sprinkler the pivotal element is having in mind the exact and basic purpose of a tripod sprinkler only when you know precisely what you want, you will be able to buy the right thing. Ask yourself fundamental questions like, what is the size of your lawn, do the plants in your lawn require light or heavy irrigation, does the structure of your lawn become a hindrance whilst watering.


The tripod sprinkler that you’ll want to buy should be compact and effective. There is no need for a huge and bulky designed tripod sprinkler. All you need is a little tripod sprinkler that you can easily set down in the middle of your lawn and switch on its rotary movement to 360 degrees, this will allow it to cover the whole lawn area.


The tripod sprinkler you’ll want to buy should have a sleek and aesthetically pleasing look. As the most tripod sprinklers are installed in the center of the lawn, it means that it will no doubt be visible to everyone, so just make sure that it has a nice looking design that doesn’t look bad sitting in the center of your lawn and doesn’t distract or dull the beauty of your lawn.

Rotary cycle

Most of the tripod sprinkler comes with a rotary movement in them so that the sprinkler can move up to 360 degrees for full and complete coverage of water spray. Make sure that the tripod sprinkler has a smooth movement as many cheap tripod sprinklers get stuck while rotating and cause to overwater one single spot and spoil the soil.

Additional Features

Additional features are always exciting, some tripod sprinklers have the motion sensors in them, and this provides extra safety to your lawn, especially if you’re growing vegetables or greens like that. The tripod sprinkler will automatically spray any vexatious animals like raccoons or rabbits that come to eat up your plants. Some tripod sprinklers also have timers; this allows you to set specific times at which the tripod sprinkler should water your plants.


The structure of tripod sprinkler is most definitely set on a tripod but it can vary in the sense that some tripod sprinkler has rubber or silicone hooves at the bottom of the legs of the tripod, this hampers any accidental slipping or rusting of the tripod sprinkler. Some tripod sprinklers also come with already fitted hoes. The tripod sprinkler is usually prone to tipping over and breaking, make sure the tripod sprinkler you buy has a reliable structure.



Watering your lawn can be troublesome if your lawn is big in size or has an unusual design where watering gets hard, with the purchase of tripod sprinkler this task can be accomplished very easily and effectively as the tripod sprinkler are designed to reach and water every single blade of grass that exists in your lawn.