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Vapordna is perhaps the most well-known premier online vape store that sells high-end electronic cigarettes and accessories. They have been a leader in this market niche for more than one reason which is why we took it upon ourselves to present the facts and give you an honest review.


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About the Company

VaporDNA was founded in 2013 and is located in California. The company has always aimed at delivering the highest-quality electronic cigarettes and accessories at unbeatably low prices. Few other retail stores of this kind have such a vast selection of high-end products and literally, no other company can boast with such an incredible amount of happy customers.

We can safely say that VaporDNA strikes well in all the important retailer categories. They store their entire inventory in special warehouses under strict conditions including controlled temperature to ensure that everything is as fresh as it just came out of the factory.

In addition, they take huge pride in their exceptional customer service and customer-driven practices. For example, you get a 45-day money-back guarantee on everything they sell.


The VaporDNA Website

The VaporDNA website is simple and straightforward to ensure a good shopping experience. Of course, to enter, you need to confirm your age which is a mandatory entry point for any smoking-related service online.

Navigating the website is a piece of cake. Every product is organized in the respective category which makes it extremely easy to find what you need. As soon as you click a product department, you can further customize the browsing options. You can search the inventory by brand, price, size, and even by tag.

Another proof of the quality service is the abundance of information and high-quality photos for each product. There will be no unexpected surprises with VaporDNA in terms of product mismatch. The final step of the purchase is done through BlueCheck Age Verification which means that all your personal data will be kept private and safe.



With VaporDNA, you do not have to compare prices to other retailers as they often have the lowest ones on the market. You will hardly find any drawbacks when it comes to the affordability of their products. In addition, promos and discounts never end. There is always something on clearance, especially e-liquids.

It is good to know that new members on the website get a 10% discount on their first order. This means that you should open a personal account rather than making a guest order.



The VaporDNA product selection covers everything that is available in the world of e-cigarettes. There is something for everyone – from the most affordable good quality items to the high-end expensive products from the largest and most renowned brands.

We can safely say that there is no other retailer that has such a large collection of items for sale. The most impressive category has to be the e-liquids. Currently, there are over 1000 different flavors which makes it impossible for anyone not to find what they are looking for.

The most useful tool in the e-liquids section is the ability to browse flavors based on their nicotine levels. There are dozens of sub-categories to choose from based on your nicotine level requirements. Otherwise, you can also search by brand if you have one that you prefer. We can almost guarantee that you will find every significant brand listed on their website.


Customer Service

As we already mentioned, VaporDNA takes great pride in its customer service. However, the only way to contact them for assistance is via email. In addition, their customer service department works only on business days but is also closed during all major holidays which you can see on their “Contact Us” page.


Customer Feedback

As soon as you type VaporDNA in a search engine, you can clearly see that there are thousands of reviews on a variety of platforms. Of course, negative reviews are inevitable for such a major website used by such a large number of customers.

We should mention that we were unable to find a negative review regarding the quality of their products or anything related. The only problems we were able to find were connected to shipping and mainly from international customers. Nevertheless, the majority of reviews are absolutely positive and the best proof for their incredible services.

Besides that, every product on their website has a review section at the bottom of the page. This gives you the opportunity to go through hundreds of reviews per product and see for yourself whether it is a good one or not. Honestly, we went through tenths of products just to see if we will find one with a bad overall score and we were unable to find such an anomaly.


Return Policy

The VaporDNA return policy allows you to return items for a refund in the first 45 days but does not work on their entire product selection. For example, you cannot return any consumable items such as liquids, batteries, and cartridges.

You may be charged a 15% fee if you return items that are non-defective, false claims on defects, and items that have been physically abused. In addition, devices that have been used have to be fully cleaned and emptied before you send them back.

In order to return an item, you should contact their customer service team via email to receive a return authorization. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted and you will not get any money back.


Final Thoughts

We can safely say that VaporDNA is THE go-to place for e-cigarettes and everything vape-related. No other retailer can offer such a wide selection of products. Besides that, no other retailer has received such massive positive customer feedback which is enough to prove that they are an absolute leader in this market.

Even if you are not a vape user, VaporDNA has a special line of products for you called alternative vaporizers. This way, you can also enjoy your favorite flavors in a more natural way. All in all, it is obvious that the company has done all the necessary efforts to match even the highest customer expectations.



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