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5 Best VHS to DVD Converters

During the old days, the Video Home System (VHS) was an incredible innovation for everyone. Distribution of information was made easier and many sectors such as education and media benefited from it. The technology was indeed fabulous but after some time, it became obsolete as new and better inventions were introduced globally. Cassettes and VCR’s even today are considered iconic and are carefully kept in many households because of the memories they contain but people are now more interested in transferring those memories to other modern formats such as DVD and MP4.

5 Best VHS to DVD Converters

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Why There is a Need for VHS to DVD Converters

Magnetic tape, the most essential element of video cassettes is not as invulnerable as people believe. Even if they are carefully kept in a secure area, the information will ultimately be lost with time. The main reason behind this is demagnetization, a time-dependent process that may get accelerated by repeated viewings and other external factors such as heat or presence of another magnet.  Once demagnetized, the data will be lost forever and no technology exists that will be able to retrieve it. Similarly, the audio and video files may also get corrupted with time become useless. If you think that you can be very careful with your cassettes, your data will be lost nevertheless. A survey conducted by Fuji Corporation Japan states that video cassettes lost 15% of their data annually even if they are kept in the most ideal conditions. VHS to DVD Converters is an ideal solution for saving all your data. The files produced will be digitized, which means that the probability of your data being corrupted by external sources would become minimal.


Features to Consider When Buying a VHS to DVD Converter

Output and Software Support

When buying a VHS to DVD converter, the most important thing for you to consider is the output. There are several models available that do not support HD videos. Similarly, some software modules may not work on your operating systems, so make sure that you are buying the correct one.

Available Formats

DVD and MP4 are not the only video formats. There are several others and a good converter would support as many as possible. Before spending your money on a VHS to DVD Converter, be sure to check if your required format is supported or not.

Video Editing Capability

Another consideration is the option of improving the quality of the original video file. There are several VHS to DVD Converters that allow the users to stabilize and improve the original video file. This is a great feature which would allow you to preserve all the memories and improve the glitches that were left due to the limitation of technology of that time.

Time Required to Burn a New DVD

While buying a VHS to DVD Converter, be sure to check the burn time. Modern converters can complete their task in minutes while low-quality converters tend to take things slow. If you have a lot of files to make or simply do not want to waste more time than what’s required, buy a converter with a faster burn time.


The technology behind these converters is relatively simple so there is no need to spend more than a reasonable amount of money on them. There are several models available in the market that come with many unnecessary features and cost a lot more than they should. Before buying a converter, make sure that you are not getting ripped off you are buying the best one in that price bracket.

Some Additional Top-Rated VHS to DVD Converters

Diamond Video Capture VC500

The Diamond Video Capture is the best overall VHS to DVD Converter in this list. It has a reasonable price and comes with excellent capabilities. The gives excellent results and also allows the users to edit and stabilize their video files. The product also features one of the best burn times available in the market. It can complete the conversion process under 8 minutes, which is quite an impressive feat for a converter in this price range.


  1. Excellent output
  2. Editing allowed
  3. Burn time of 8 minutes


  1. Mac OS and Windows 10 not supported
  2. No HD output


AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 7

The EZMaker is an ideal converter for those who want the best value for their investment. It is an economic model that does not boast high-end features but performs exactly like it’s advertised. The Converter comes equipped with video editing software PowerDirector, which allows the users to different special effects in their video. The model also comes with an option of sharing the converted media file to social media.


  1. Ability to transfer vinyl records to Mp3
  2. Simultaneous DVD burning to save time


  1. Few flaws in the output
  2. Limited formats


Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

The Roxio VHS to DVD Converter is the best option for those who need a multi-purpose converter for their needs. The device is compatible with several devices such as phones, tablets, pc, MacBook, etc. The converter can also transfer old vinyl records to CDs and Mp3.


  1. Allows exporting converted files


  1. Limited formats


Manhattan Video Grabber

The Manhattan video grabber comes with the ability to support almost all modern video formats. This amazing converter is all you need if you want to save your video files in multiple formats. However, the converter has a history of producing substandard results.


  1. Supports multiple formats
  2. Reasonably priced


  1. The DVD quality is substandard


Final Thoughts

VHS to DVD Converter is the best way to convert your old video files to a digitized format. They are extremely convenient to operate and do not cost too much. There are several options available in the market, make sure that you are making an informed decision and are buying the correct converter that performs exactly as per your requirements.

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