Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics Review

Vital Choice Review

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Seafood has been one of our primary foods since the very beginning of humanity. It is not only one of the most delicious types of food, but one of the most nutritious. It contains high amounts of protein, unsaturated fat, omega-3, and thankfully, today, we can find it everywhere and any time.

You can always go to your local fish store/market and find delicious fresh fish. Want to know what’s even better? Getting it delivered to your front door.


What is Vital Choice?

Vital Choice has been one of the preferred sources for home delivery of fine seafood and organic foods in America for years. The company was founded by the experienced fisherman Randy Hartnell in 2000. Since then, what made them one of the most trustworthy nutrition delivery companies in America was their drive towards quality food and customer satisfaction.

The selection of products and services does not stop with seafood. They offer a line of certified organic foods, as well as supplements and seasoning. Standing above all is their monthly seafood subscription box that is available in three variations.


Pros & Cons of Choosing

What better way to list all the positive and negative sides of Vital Choice in advance by two lists of the pros and cons. Overall, it is a company with impeccable services that have received little to no negative feedback. What makes their seafood delivery service so successful?


  • Eco-friendly practices
    • Products contain no GMO, artificial preservatives, gluten, colors, etc.
    • A wide selection of fine seafood and organic foods
    • Subscription Boxes
    • You can cancel or skip a month during your subscription
    • Customer rewards and discounts
    • Impeccable customer service
    • Money-Back Guarantee – 30 days


  • Prices sometimes seem high
  • Subscription boxes cannot be customized


Website Experience

The Vital Choice website is as simple and user-friendly as it can be. It only has one issue – there is no way that you will not be hungry afterward. With this said, the front page of the website has the purpose to advertise a number of their incredible offers and fine foods.

If you know what you are looking for, searching through all the products can be done by simply clicking ‘Shop All Products’ once. You will be left with a long list of every available product on the website.

If you are interested in becoming a Vital Box subscriber, you can find the page sitting right next to ‘Shop All Product’. We will discuss the three options later in this article.

If you want to learn about the company, find out everything about the quality of their products and additional information on nutrition in seafood, and finally – cooking recipes, find your way through the last three sections on the quick access bar on the front page.


What Is The Vital Box Subscription?

Vital Box is a monthly seafood subscription that promises the delivery of a certain number of hand-selected pieces of fine seafood each month. Once you pay, you will receive to around half a dozen different products with 1 – 4 servings per product. To find out the true content of the box, you have to wait until you receive it on your doorstep.

There are three variations of the Vital Box. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

  • Wild Salmon Box – $129/box – 14+ servings

The Wild Salmon Box is the cheapest out of the three subscription boxes and is entirely dedicated to the finest salmon products there are. You will get no less than 14 servings for $129 and the selection of products varies from single-serve portions, salmon burgers, smoked salmon, salmon hot dogs, and sausages.

  • Wild Fish Box – $169/box – 15+ servings

Without a doubt the most interesting out of the three boxes, the Wild Fish Box is like a small treasure for a seafood lover. Besides a few salmon servings, you will receive a range of other fish such as halibut, tuna, cod, sole, etc. Overall, you can expect over 15 servings and a menu of different fish.

  • Wild Seafood Box – $199/box – 17+ servings

The largest option of the three will give you a range of products including salmon burgers and sausages, shellfish, and other fish. Once again, the true contents of the box will be a surprise for when you finally receive the box. As it is the largest and most expensive option, the servings you will receive will be not less than 17 for two adult consumers.


Customer Service & Satisfaction

Vital Choice has been a company driven by customer satisfaction. Their customer service is impeccable and is available by email and phone 24/7. You also receive a 30-day money back guarantee, therefore, if you are unsatisfied or the products you received have been damaged you will receive a full refund or get a replacement for free.

Last but not least, we have Vital Rewards. This is something like a program or game for the returning shoppers of Vital Choice. Ideally, with every dollar, you spend on their products you receive points that at certain milestones can be used for discount coupons.

There are three loyalty tiers. By receiving points, you also can climb the tiers and get even more points. You will even receive 200 points for your birthday each year!


Shipping Offered

Shipping is available for America and Canada only but at different prices. Depending on the size of your order, the shipping fee will be different. However, for orders above $99 shipping is free excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

There are rules on the delivery of specific products which you can read about here but overall their shipping is at a very high level and takes little to no time.

Final Thoughts

Vital Choice is the single best seafood delivery service in the USA. No other company has been able to continuously maintain such high standards with a selection of this size. Without a doubt, there is no other seafood subscription box out there that can surpass Vital Choice.

No matter if you decide to try out something specific or give one of the monthly boxes a shot, you will be left satisfied by the exceptional customer service and the quality of their premium products.



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