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Top 5 Best Waterproof Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are the most convenient way to store your cell phone, keys, wallets, and other important stuff if you are going. They are strapped around your waist and are lightweight so that carrying them should not be a problem. With time, the manufacturers thought of some modifications in the regular fanny packs, and now waterproof fanny packs have been introduced. The waterproof fanny packs are made up of high-quality polyester, which protects your digital devices, keys, wallets, etc. from not only water but also from sunlight, dust, and other harmful environmental conditions. They can be buckled easily around the waist and can be carried anywhere.


Whether you can relax at the beach with your partner or sit inside a boat, the new fanny packs protect all of your accessories from water, which can be hazardous for them. Waterproof fanny packs have zipped compartments in which different accessories can be stored. Some waterproof fanny packs provide with foam-padded packets to keep your mobile, tablet, or other digital appliances protected from any shock. They are comfortable to wear, and some of them even are designed for specialized activities such as running or hiking, providing specialized compartments for water bottles, snacks, etc.


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What is the Design of a Waterproof Fanny Pack?

The design of a waterproof fanny pack is similar to the simple older fanny packs. They are small bags made up of polyester with watertight compartments. Some fanny packs can be submerged in the water up to some depth, with accessories that are not damaged. On the other hand, manufacturers of some waterproof fanny packs advise not to submerge them in water. The design of such fanny packs can only protect your accessories from rain, sweat, etc. The compartments of waterproof fanny packs are often zipped and have specialized padding inside them to protect your digital devices and other accessories from water, sunlight, and other unfavorable conditions.

Some waterproof fanny packs are designed for general activities, while some are intended for specialized operations. The ones specialized for hiking, running, or exercising have compartments to store water bottles, snacks, and other accessories inside them. Some are specialized for photography and feature extra foam paddings to protect expensive lens and camera kits from shocks and water. The general ones have a streamlined design to keep them light and comfortable. The plans of the waterproof fanny packs require proper closing of the compartments to withstand a fall into the water or a rainy day cycling to college. In case of partial opening of the chambers, the manufacturer is not responsible for the damage caused to the accessories.


What Are Fanny Packs Used For?

Fanny packs are small and straightforward bags that can be strapped around the waist and can be carried around while jogging, hiking, and exercising. The waterproof ones can also be carried to the beach or on a boat. Fanny packs can be used to store and carry different digital accessories such as cameras, iPods, mobiles, tablets, etc. when traveling around.

Waterproof fanny packs are generally lighter in weight, so they are secure and comfortable to be carried around. They have specialized zipped compartments to store your accessories such as keys, identity cards, earphones, etc. There are also specialized waterproof fanny packs available, which can be used to store tire tubes, bike tools, a spotlight, etc. and be suitable for cycling. Similarly, the ones are available, which can be used for general activities.


There are many waterproof fanny packs available in the market. Some are designed for generalized use, while some are intended to be used for particular purposes. Below we are discussing some common choices which are available in the market for purchase:

SealLine Seal Pak

SealLine has introduced a waterproof fanny pack that can be completely submerged in the water, thanks to its top-quality built quality. It will protect your accessories and even expensive digital accessories not only from water but also from harmful rays of sunlight, dust, and snowy conditions due to its zipped compartments. You can easily toss up a small jacket, a water bottle, few snacks, and some digital accessories into the SealLine waterproof fanny pack, and it will not disappoint you.

Mountainsmith Dry Tour fanny pack

The fanny pack introduced by Mountainsmith is the best product for adventure freaks who like to travel to mountains, rivers, or any other place where carrying accessories might be an issue due to the weather conditions. Mountainsmith has solved this problem by introducing such a fanny pack that will protect the expensive accessories in harsh weather conditions, whether it be a rainy day hike or snowy conditions in the mountains. Its streamlined and minimal design features a central pocket and few smaller pockets, which all are zipped and can be submerged into the water thanks to its waterproof fabric. The waterproof fanny pack designed by Mountainsmith might be an expensive, but its features are best when compared to similar products in the market.

DAKINE Hot Laps 5L fanny pack

Dakine hot laps fanny pack is an exclusive waterproof fanny pack that is designed for mountain bikers. This fanny pack provides ample space for storing water bottles, snacks, spare tire tubes, bike tools, and a small searchlight, required by a mountain biker. It also features a 2L hydration pack that can be used for hands-free sipping. The zipped compartments are waterproof, but the manufacturer advises the users not to submerge the fanny pack in the water completely.


Final Thoughts

In the end, waterproof fanny packs are lightweight, sturdy, and convenient to be carried around. Whether on a hiking trip, a beach trip, or even during cycling, they can make your life easier. The benefits of this product make it one of the most widely demanded when it comes to zippers and bags. 

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