Finding the 5+ Best Wax Melts

best wax melts for home to buy

For a long time, scented candles and wax products have been used throughout the world to increase the ambiance of the room. The light fragrance of burning wax can add a warm and pleasant aura in the place. Pet owners generally use these products a lot to keep the air fresh and keep the smell from their pets in check.


Febreze Melts air freshener

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Febreze Melts air freshener is the best when it comes to keeping an odorless environment at your home place or convenient rooms. The welcoming and invigorating fragrance gives a good mood and also stimulates the mind to be relaxed. They are sold in easily portable cubes. The warming wax that slowly melts leaves behind a pleasant freshening air and clears all the available bad-smelling air around in the occupation rooms or any other rooms at home, making them convenient to stay in.

Compatibility with any electric wax warming devices, tealight, and light bulb gives this commodity added advantages over other brands in the market. Febreze candle has two wicks that not only burn with a welcoming glow but also release freshening air around. It gives the occupant of a room ample time and more confidence to continue using the rooms. With this in the kitchen, you can hardly notice an odor from foodstuffs and hidden dead rodents. One with a problem of smelly armpits or other body parts can cover up for that when he has visit arrangements with colleagues at their home.

Key Specs

  • Shipping weight reads 6.6 ounces
  • Product dimensions read 7.7 inches by 6.6 inches by 5.2 Inches
  • Item weight reads 5.25 pounds


  • Gives freshness for hours
  • It is a clean product
  • It is easy to use and light


  • It is specific to a wax warmer.


Unstopables Wax Melt Freshener

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Unstopables Waxed Melt Freshener is among the best items that customers are yearning to grab from the stores and is worth going for. It gives a strong, inviting, and lasting fragrance at home office or workplaces. It ensures that one gets a pleasant, warmer, and clean air around that has a sassy scent, which is fabulous. When it comes to staying power, this product is not left behind, it lasts for long hours, and they are also reusable. The fragrance produced by this product is capable of keeping people indoors just because of the sweet aroma.

This commodity lasts for long hours than other competitive products available in the stores. It gives a charming perfumed air within the house or rooms, so it clears away the odor, which brings discomfort and infuses the ambiance more than the petals of the flowery bouquet. It can be used with an electric wax warming device, lighting bulb, and tealight wax warming device.

Key Specs

  • Item weighs 3.04 ounce
  • Shipping weight reads 4.2 ounces
  • Product dimension reads 1 inch by 4 inches by 6.2 inches


  • It provides fragrance for long hours
  • Gives warms the rooms


  • It has only one of color.


Yankee Candled Wax Tarts 

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Yankee Candled Wax melt product offers a diversity of scents in a given package with neither of the product scent being repeated in any count. It is uniquely used. A tart warmer is sold separately, and above all, it is easy to use. It provides a pleasant aroma and freshness in a room for minutes.

This product does not have a burning wick; thus, the fragrance is not distributed by the flame. This feature also reduces the risks and dangers that burning candles can cause in enclosed rooms. Each tart lasts up to a maximum of eight hours continuously.

The random assortment of this product gives a different combination of scents. They can, therefore, be blended and mixed to create different aromas. They are well sealed in plastic bags, which keeps them off humid environments. They come along with a bonus organza bag that holds five wax melts at any given time.

Key Specs

  • Shipping weight reads 5.6 ounces
  • Package dimensions read 4.8 inches by 4 inches by 2.3 inches


  • Package contains a variety of wax melts
  • Fragrance lasts for so long
  • Well-sealed in plastic wraps


  • Sometimes do not melt all the way
  • They are dry and crumbles
  • Failure to follow instructions could lead to fire hazard
  • It is almost obsolete product


Carolina Wax Melt

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This wax melt is a mix that gives grapefruit effervescence with a sparkling mandarin. It also contains the fresh smell of tangy lime zest and sun-kissed Valencia orange. Other types have sugared vanilla cookie and berry crumble scent. They provide fragranced air that is juicy and brings a pleasant sensation. The burn time of these candles goes up to four hours.

Carolina Soy wax melts fantastically since it scents the rooms for up to 192 hours of thawing time. Anyone wanting a lasting fragrance around would probably go for this product. It is immune to the open flame candles, and its material composition is renewable.

Carolina Wax Melts do not have a wick and thus comes with a variety of packaging to choose from by the buyers. They are highly scented and provide a lively fragrance in rooms and hallways or any other convenient places.

They are easy to make use of and are packaged in cubes that utilize electric tea light warmers. They are available with different scents that can be mixed and blended to provide other scents suitable to the one using them.

Key Specs

  • The product weighs 2.75 ounces.


  • Gives grapefruit effervescence
  • Offered in different material composition


  • Each variety is sold separately.


Woodwick Waxed Melt

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Woodwick Waxed Melt provides a natural scent of amber, vetiver, and musk, which infuse a lively and fresh aroma alongside a warm fire in a room. It has easily breakable squares and comes with an excellent hourglass shape with a wooden wick, which is natural and crackles as it burns. It can be used with any standard fragrance warmer.

They can be found with a variety of scents. Large size compared to other melt wax. Due to larger sizes, they have 40 hours of burn time. Woodwick wax melt produces a distinctively clean and safer burn with various fragrances available.

Since they burn for long hours, they can be used in events such as wedding ceremonies, homecomings and birthday celebrations, also freshen cars.

The fragrance produced cannot be subdued by the odor produced in an overcrowded room. They are capable of withstanding appreciatively high temperatures, such as ninety-five degrees centigrade before melting.

Key Specs

  • Product dimensions are 6.5 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch
  • Item weighs 4 ounces
  • Shipping weight reads 4 ounces


  • It has a longer burn time
  • It has the largest size and comes with many varieties


  • It has a burning flame that can be hazardous.


Other Wax Melts to Consider

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What are wax melts?

Wax melts are an excellent alternative for scented candles that operate without any wick. These melts are available in several different fragrances, shapes, and sizes. Usually, wax melts give out a very subtle smell when cold. This smell is increased by warming up the wax melt through a warmer or a tea light. Using wax melts is also very easy. You simply have to place them on a heated surface and forget about them. Whenever the heat source is removed, the wax will solidify itself and will be available for future use.


Why Should I Buy a Wax Melt Instead of a Scented Candle?

Both wax melts and scented candles have a similar purpose as they ensure that your room remains fresh and has a pleasant smell. There are, however, many differences between these two products, which make wax melts a better option.

  1. The most apparent difference between wax melts and candles is their operation. Wax melts usually use electric heaters while candles have an open flame. A torch would be beautiful if you do not have any small children or pets in the house beautiful. However, having an open flame in the presence of children can be a little dangerous because they might hurt themselves or cause damage to the carpet and furniture. Fire is exceptionally unpredictable, and it may also cause a massive accident if you are not careful.
  2. Another thing that makes wax melts different is the fact that wax melts usually last a lot longer than candles. Not only that, but the fragrance of wax melts also spreads a lot more. So, if you have a large room, a single wax melt can easily cover more than scented candles.
  3. Wax melts generally allow users to mix different melts and make a custom fragrance creatively. This option is not possible in a scented candle. You don’t have the opportunity of mixing anything in the candle. In the case of wax melts that usually come in tiny shapes, combining two or more fragrances is very simple. You, however, need to be careful while mixing because some scents may never work together, and using them together might backfire and make your room unpleasant.


Characteristics of a Great Wax Melt

You’ll probably be overwhelmed when you look deeply into the various types of wax melts available in the market. In addition to the fragrance, several other factors must be kept in mind while purchasing wax melts. From wax type to the shape, everything makes some difference in the overall experience.

Some people also prefer to opt for organic and kosher options made of soy and essential oils. These products are harder to make and are considered premium. Due to this, the price difference between organic and non-organic wax melts is quite significant. Further details about this will be in the next section.


Wax Types

The type of wax is an essential factor affecting the price of available scents, shapes, and many other factors. In the market, you’ll be able to find wax melts of all types in different forms. We have listed some of the most common wax types and their advantages for you.

  1. Paraffin-wax: Common oil-based wax made from hydrocarbon and other by-products of refineries. This is the cheapest type of available because of its abundance and versatility. Paraffin wax itself is odorless. Mostly, companies add different additives in the wax to make them fragrant enough to be used in wax melts.
  2. Soy-wax: Soy was 100% natural and made organically from soybean oil. The wax itself is biodegradable, which is a big selling point for people who care about the environment. Even when it is used in candles, soy-wax produces almost no soot and burns brighter.
  3. Palm-wax: This type of wax is made from palm oil and is also completely organic. The wax itself is odorless and has a crystalizing quality, which makes it look extremely pleasing.
  4. Bee-wax: This type of wax is considered the best and is the most expensive because of its natural honey-like scent and versatile structure. You can freely shape bee-wax in any form you want. For people prone to different allergies, bee-wax is the best option.


The shape depends on the use you want. Since people use wax melts on electric warmers, they prefer that the way is somewhat pleasing and looks good. However, some people who like to make their custom fragrance by mixing different wax melts prefer the granulated shape as it is easier to mix and handle.


As always, price is a critical consideration, no matter what you intend to purchase. Some brands are available in a pack of more than ones that are a bit cheaper. We recommend that you buy your wax melts in bulk if possible, as it would save you the most money.


A wholly subjective but essential consideration. You can find almost all the popular scents in the form of a wax melt very quickly. Some brands even make wax melts in their trademark scents as well for their customers.


The ingredients and the additives in the wax melts are a critical consideration for purchasing wax melts. Before buying any scent, be sure to quickly check the written ingredients for anything additive you might be allergic to. Since wax melts are airborne, some complications can arise if you are not careful.



Wax melts are a cheap luxury almost everyone can afford. People prefer wax products like scented candles and wax melts because they continuously give off a pleasant smell as opposed to air fresheners that only last a few minutes. In this guide, we listed some characteristics you must consider when you go out to buy the best wax melts available right now. We hope this will help you out in making an informed decision.