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Way.com Review

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Company’s Overview

Way.com, Inc. is an online platform for the facilitation and access to lifestyle services such as parking, dining, booking events, movie tickets, etc. Nowadays, communication with the customers is the key to the success of the businesses, therefore, Way is enabling local businesses to expand by advertising their services and online promotions. Basically, Way is all in one service market place bringing the service providers and the consumers on one platform in order to augment their experience. By using this platform, the consumers can get access to different services of their own choices with the promotions being offered by the companies.

The company was founded in 2013 by Binu Girija in California. The purpose of this company was to enhance the business of different service providers by enabling them to contact the customers. The customers were also facilitated by providing them with an online lifestyle service provider from where they can purchase or reserve the services by a mere click of the button. The number of employees in the company is estimated to be 25 with the estimated annual revenue of around $12M.


How To Use The Website

The website’s interface is simple and easy to use. There is a search box which allows users to search for services and promotions being offered in the city. Once the service has been found by the consumer, the only thing required is to book the service online or on the Way mobile application. In addition to that, the website can also automatically detect your location and show the services and discounts available nearby.

The website also provides an option to the service providers to host their services using Way. The provider needs to enlist their service and log in to continue. Companies are free to decide if they want to cater to an exclusive clientele or to everyone. Way helps service providers to gain a maximum number of consumers by emphasizing on strong social interactions and streamlined booking process. The website also allows the customers and the companies to contact each other through their messenger and live chat option.


How much does Way Cost?

The account for the consumers on the website is totally free and the consumer can also login to the website by their Facebook or Google account. The service providers can also list their services for free by completing the profile by uploading the pictures, descriptions, and price of their services or products. The company also provides special discount rates to the student which can be availed by giving specific information.


What Services are being provided?

Way aims to bring the service providers and consumers on one platform in order to allow effective communication. From parking to dining to movies, Way aims to provide the best deal the consumers can get. The company specializes in the following:

  • Booking Movie Tickets
  • Booking Event Tickets
  • Reserving a Parking Space
  • Concierge
  • Shuttle Tracking
  • Car Rental
  • Online Marketplace
  • Smart City
  • Public Transportation


WAY’s Online Payments

Way.com only accepts the payments through credit cards and debit cards. It accepts the cards through a variety of gateways. The option of manual payment through bank transfers or cash on delivery is not yet available on the website. There are some promotional codes, that can be used for discounts, offered to some customers by the company as an incentive of using their platform. Currently, the company does not accept any virtual currency other than Waybucks which is the website’s own virtual currency.


What are the Cancellation and Refund Policies

The company provides a full refund of the fees of all the services in case of any cancellation of plans, except for movie tickets. Cancellation or changing movie tickets is only allowed before the processing of the ticket. After processing, the tickets cannot be changed or refunded. The company also does not refund the overpayment made but not used in case of any change of plans. For any queries, the consumers can always contact the Way Customer Success team.


Pros of Way

Bringing Consumers and Providers on one Platform

Way allows customers to plan and book their required services from a single website, instead of facing the hassle of using multiple sites. Moreover, the messaging option in the website enables the consumers to ask about any query to the provider directly which aids in gaining the consumers’ confidence.

Enhanced Social Interaction

Way emphasizes on strong social interactions. Therefore it increases the exposure of the service providing brand on different social media platforms which gains brand the visibility which cannot be gained anywhere else.

Promotion Codes

Way provides incentives to its users in the form of promotion codes and waybucks, which can be redeemed while checking out after selecting the services. The codes and waybuck provide further discounted rates to consumers.


Cons of Way

Strict Refund Policy

Way has a strict refund policy on movie tickets as no refund is provided to the consumer once the tickets have been processed. Same is the case with overprice paid which will not be refunded once the trip is cut short in case of any changes in the plan.

Acceptance of payment through limited sources

Way only accepts the payments through limited sources which includes debit cards, credit cards, and the waybucks. The facility of cash on delivery and bank transactions can increase the number of consumers and service provider. Moreover, no other virtual currency other than waybucks is accepted which is another con.


Final Thoughts

Way is a good online platform bringing both the consumers and service providers together. It not only provides incentives to the consumers by offering them discount vouchers but also to the service providers by increasing their brand advertisement and sales by connecting them with the consumers and streamlining the booking process. There are some concerns over the strict refund policy, especially for movie tickets but the overall experience is great, which is reflected by the increase in Way’s registered users.



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