The Best XQD Card Readers to Buy

best xqd card readers

No matter what device you own, whether a computer or a camera if you are concerned about storage you should look into buying an xqd card reader. Xqd cards are a format of memory cards that have developed recently that offer a large storage capacity and strong built. They are a successor of the CompactFlash card series. The xqd cards are usually used for heavy-duty work, used by professionals to keep recorded videos or large numbers of images.

This card is usually used in more high-end cameras and devices. It offers great protection in regards to data storage and data corruption. Since it holds great amounts of data, you should be very careful while buying a compatible card reader. Therefore, you need a card reader that offers fast transferring of data from xqd. There are a large number of options regarding the card reader that you can choose from.


Rocketek XQD Reader

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Rocketek XQD reader is a perfect solution for all photographers to transfer large amounts of data to their computer in a matter of a few minutes. This card reader has been upgraded to perform better than other XQD readers as it features a metal protective shell that allows fast heat dissipation. The card uses the super-fast USB 3.0 technology that offers a maximum of 5 Gbps transfer speed which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Plus, the maximum card capacity can reach up to 5TB. Rocketek XQD card reader is designed for a USB interface speed of 500MB per second. To enhance fast data transfer, the interface is of high premium-quality material specifically for XQD cards.

Thanks to its versatile compatibility, it can be connected to many devices which include Surface, Macbook, IdeaPad, Think Pad, Retina, and more. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about which XQD card you own, the card slot is compatible with XQD M series, G series, and all Lexar USB mark cards. For better and easy connectivity, the reader comes with a reinforced cable. In addition, the durable and sturdy ABS exterior, and connectors with great heat resistivity ensures super-fast data transfer. Very easy to use, a red indicator light blinks when in use.


RayCue XQD card reader

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You can transfer or share photos, large 4k videos to your computer or friends anywhere within minutes by using this fast 2-in 1 XQD card reader by RayCue. You don’t need to have separate card readers for both SD and XQD memory cards; this reader features 2 slots for each card type. Besides, you can read and write to both the cards simultaneously as supports Sony G series, Lexar USB mark card, and SD card series. It uses the latest technology of USB 3.1 that offers a transfer speed of 500MBs/s for XQD and 104MBs for SD cards.

RayCue reader is compatible with all laptops, computers, and smartphones with Type-C interface without the need of any drivers. Just plug-in and play on your operating system, thanks to the automatic identification feature. It is a perfect choice for enthusiastic photographers; portable, compact and easy-to-carry anywhere with you. The card reader measures only 51x61x11mm and weighs 2.4 ounces. As has an aluminum shell with a scratch-resistant exterior body, this professional type-C reader is durable enough to last for a lifetime.

The blue indicator LED light on the front indicates the activity status to keep you updated.


Sony MRW-E90

Sony MRW-E90/BC2 XQD USB 3.0 Reader
Compatible with all XQD Series and UHS-II SD Memory cards; Super speed USB (USB...

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If you work with the XQD cards, this Sony MRW-E90 is an advanced card reader for the XQD series and SD memory cards. Plus, it is powered by a super-speed USB 3.0 connector cable so you can have a full system. It’s theoretically of reading and writing 10 gigabits per second.

Don’t worry about how quickly you can transfer your file whether working with Wi-Fi or connecting your camera directly to the computer.  With great transfer speed, the Sony E-90 card reader can transfer 60 GB of data in approximately 3 minutes. The card reader transfers your camera’s giant RAW photos and 4K videos at the fastest rate. It is fairly compact measuring 3.9 x 5 x 1.6 inches and very-well built with a high-quality black plastic body. On the front, there are 2 card slots; one for XDD and another for SD. At the back of the unit, there is a USB-c connector.

Moreover, the XQD high-speed drivers and drive letter identification are available on the Sony website to download for free. Offered at a reasonable price, it is one of the best memory card readers on the market.

An efficient way to transfer all your data!


Cateck card reader

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If you are looking for a device to transfer data faster using different types of memory cards, then the Cateck card reader is the best thing for you. It not only has an XQD card slot, but the card reader also features SD and TF slots. This 3-in-1 card reader uses the high-speed USB 3.1 advanced technology that offers a maximum transfer speed of 5Gbps. With the USB-C transmission, it takes a few minutes to copy GB files. Talking about compatibility, the TF slot supports Micro SD, SDHC, and SDXC while XQD supports Lexar 128 GB, Sony G, and M series.

In addition, the easy plug-in and play design are compatible with all operating systems with Type-C interface. No need to constantly plug or unplug your memory cards, you can write and reads on SD, XQD, and Micro SD simultaneously saving a lot of time and hassle. The alloy shell and scratch-resistant body add to its durability and efficient data transmission.

So easy to carry, it’s an ideal choice for work and travel. The card reader measures 2.6 x 1.8 x 0.59 inches and comes with a 5.9 inches USB cable. Moreover, you also get a 2-year warranty on this fast XQD card reader.



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Easily transfer an HD movie in seconds! For speed, this Rongdeson card reader is USB 3.0 enable which means it transfers speed at 5 GB per second. If your computer or laptop doesn’t support 3.0, the card reader is also compatible with USB 2 and 1.1. Another notable feature is that Rongdeson card reader has multiple slots including XQD and SC memory card. The bonus of having dual-protocol support is that you can simultaneously write and read on both cards to save yourself the effort of continuous plugging. It requires no driver installation, thanks to Rongdeson card reader’s universal compatibility. The card reader instantly connects to most systems via USB.

Also, it comes with an 12-month warranty. Apart from being one of the fastest card readers, it is also very budget-friendly that costs under 10$ only. So, easily sync data from cameras, phones, and more using the XQD or SD memory cards. Despite having dual-card slots, it is so compact that it fits easily into your pocket.  Plus, it is built from premium-grade plastic body and metallic chips that not only adds to durability but functionality and fast-speed performance.


Other XQD Readers to Consider

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  • USB 3.0 enables data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps for faster Sync times, backward...
  • Fully powered via your USB port — no additional power supply required.

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Common Uses of an XQD Card

The xqd cards have multiple attractive features which make it one of the most unique and useful cards. It is especially great for professional use. It features a high read and writes speed. It also has a high storage capacity, which is projected over 2 TB. The high storage capacity offers you a carefree recording of videos and taking photographers. This is why the xqd cards are favorites of some of the prominent photographers.

Its transferring rates are also extremely high and only takes minutes to transfer GBs of data so you can empty the card quickly and continue your recordings. Moreover, their physical built is also very stern and strong. It is robust and reliable along with being very efficient and fast.


Important features to look for in an XQD Card Reader

Speedy Connectivity

Connectivity can turn out to be one of the major issues while working with a card reader. Imagine having to transfer heavy videos and images but your card reader is taking its time connecting with the card. Such moments can prove to cause frustration and hinder your work. Make sure to select a super-speed connectivity card reader that has high USB connections.

Read and Write Rates

A similar problem to the prior point would be slow read and write rates of a card reader. As of now, some of the best-rated card readers can perform reading and write at the rates 260 MB/s and 230 MB/s. Usually, the claimed read and write are a bit more than what the card reader can actually execute so keep that in mind. For instance, a device claiming 99 MB/s and 88 MB/s read and write speed would most probably be able to exploit the data at 90 MB/s and 80 MB/s.

Easy Installation

Many card readers require drivers in order to complete the installation process. However, to cut down the hassle, there are a few card readers for xqd card formats that offer installation completely driver free. This makes the process easier and the device automatically becomes preferable. Moreover, this isn’t an expensive feature at all and can be found in many low-priced card readers.


A major point to keep in mind is making sure that a card reader with compatible with your card, in this case with an xqd format card. There are many card readers that are compatible with various cards and generations at a time. Such devices are ideal. A device will most likely say in its description which xqd card it is compatible with where the card slots are mentioned.


If you want to use a card reader that is compatible with an xqd card and other cards like SD card, you should check the number of peripherals it allows. A number of card readers offer multiple peripheral devices to be connected so it maximizes the use of the card reader.

Cooling Fan

There are some card readers with adequate functions that miss out on one of the most basic functions such as incorporating a good quality cooling fan. If a card reader doesn’t have a good reputation in terms of running hot quickly, you should really think twice about such an option. If a card reader runs hot fast, it means it’s not a reliable option.

High Built

For an xqd card, you need a durable device as the card is usually used for professional use. Make sure that the device is made of sturdy stuff. Moreover, the design and compactness is also an important feature to keep in mind. A really chunky and bulky card reader will most definitely be a poor choice. Therefore, a strong built with a compact design would be ideal in terms of outer built.

Worth the money

To make sure that the brand and model you are choosing is worth your money, you would have to compare and fish through the markets. However, make sure the device fits your budget.


Specifications to keep in mind while buying an XQD card reader

  • Compatibility with either an xqd 2.0 or xqd card or with both.
  • USB version 3.0
  • USB extension cable, preferably two-foot
  • Great energy draw
  • High-speed connectivity and multiple connection types
  • High-speed reading and writing
  • Capacity to store cards inside
  • Light in weight and compact design
  • A durable and sturdy built
  • Features other useful accessories
  • Extra peripherals ports for multiplied functions


Final Thoughts

To conclude, we can say that picking a card reader for an efficient card format such as an xqd card will make you seem quite picky. You will have to look at many features to make sure you are considering the right options. The xqd card format is a heavy-duty card therefore, the card reader will also have to be fast and deliver smooth functioning. The card reader’s compatibility is an extremely important point that should be kept in mind. Also, make sure to look for a durable and reliable card reader as the xqd card is a very reliable card. Keep your budget in check as some readers can be much more expensive than some more worthy ones.