The Best Youth Baseball Gloves For 10-Year-Olds

best baseball gloves for youth around age 10

Teaching your child or young loved one about the exciting sport of baseball can be both stressful and rewarding. One of the quickest ways to help your youth pick up the game of baseball is to provide them with durable and easy-to-use equipment.

More specifically, if you’re looking to help your child or young loved one the sport of baseball quickly, you should consider getting them a popular and highly effective baseball glove. Today, we’re taking a closer look at which baseball gloves work best, are most popular in the marketplace, and offer the biggest bang for your buck.


Best Baseball Gloves for 10-Year-Olds

Best Baseball Gloves for Youth (10 Years old)


1) Franklin’s Sports Baseball & Softball Gloves (Multiple Size Options)

The Franklin Sports Field Master Series baseball glove is a great option for young players. The lightweight design and lack of padding means that they will feel every throw more keenly, but it’s still an excellent choice if you’re looking to get your kid into baseball!



2) Rawlings Sure Catch (Multiple Size Options)

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable youth baseball glove, you simply cannot go wrong with the Rawlings Sure Catch baseball glove.  This glove is extremely popular and comes in multiple sizes as well as both hand orientations (right hand throw & left hand throw options available). The build quality is good, built with high quality leather and comes 90% broken in from the factory.


3) Rawlings Select PRO LITE (Multiple Size Variations)

With Rawling’s Select Pro glove series, you can’t go wrong. This model is perfect for someone between the ages of ten and twelve who wants to enhance their skills through hundreds of hours playing baseball! It offers great affordability with some amazing features that will benefit players no matter what stage they’re at in development–and there are many styles available so finding one suitable depends solely on personal preference (size/style).




1) Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove


Most sports enthusiasts have heard about the brand Mizuno and are familiar with the quality the brand brings. If you’re looking to pick up a great youth baseball glove that will withstand hundreds of hours of use, think about getting this Mizuno Prospect PowerClose glove. This baseball glove offers hundreds of positive ratings and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.


2) Nokona S-200I

The Nokona glove is a high-quality, game ready option for children from 10 through to adolescence. It features superior construction and materials that will keep them performing at their highest level of competitive play!

The new brand specializes in making gloves specifically tailored towards kids who love playing ball–and we think you’ll find this one worth checking out online today (especially if your son or daughter loves taking part)!



3) Wilson A2000

Arguably one of the favored gloves on the market, the Wilson brand continues to deliver great quality gloves at affordable prices. With added padding protection technology, expect a somewhat long break-in time for such quality leather. There have been some reviews stating after a year; the glove has begun to break down even with proper maintenance. However, general comments have been overwhelmingly positive. These gloves are available for $250 or less on sales.




How to Shop for a Youth Baseball Glove (Around Age Ten)

How to shop for Baseball Gloves for Youth (10 Years old)

Baseball is one of America’s favorite sports, and certainly one of the most well-known. As it is, we usually harbor a love for a competition by playing it at a young age, and giving our children the best opportunity to play and enjoy any game, we need to outfit them in quality gear designed to fit and support their growing frames. Baseball is not without the need for required equipment, just like any sport; however, it does not require a massive investment as other games lack. One of the most significant purchases your little one will need is a baseball glove. There are many on the market, from many well-known and trusted brands consisting of different materials and designs.

When selecting a baseball glove for your 10-year-old, the most common advice is to grab a glove that is in the 9-11inch range.

Great video outlining how you can pick the correct baseball glove for your child.

Your child will benefit significantly from a youth baseball glove as opposed to regular size as the smaller size and fit will allow them to comfortably and confidently get a grip of the game, without cumbersome gloves impeding their style. To enable beginners a good start in learning the game is providing them with great memories that may result in a lifelong love of the game, and they are bound to cherish that tatty looking first glove they owned more than some signed ball like so many others have.

When shopping for a youth baseball glove, there are so many baseball gloves on the market that it may be difficult for you to know where to begin. To make it a little easier for you, we have done the research and produced this article, which outlines the essential elements of a baseball glove that you can choose from, such as what material the glove is and of what basic design. This shopping guide will list the advantages and disadvantages of a few of the more familiar brands and styles of youth baseball gloves so that you can make an educated decision on the best glove you’re your little baseball star.


Understanding the Basics:

A youth baseball glove is dissimilar to an adult-sized baseball glove in several ways. Youth gloves have narrower and shorter finger stalls as well as smaller wrist openings which cater for their smaller hands. This allows for more control. Since youth baseball players are beginners at the game and are still learning the game and its positions, most youth gloves have been designed as utility gloves that work for all posts. This flexibility allows your child to try any location they wish on the field before deciding what they best.

Keep in mind when you are purchasing a baseball glove for your child what hand they throw the ball with. A right-hand thrower will wear their glove on their left hand, whereas a left-hand thrower will wear their right hand.


Material & Design:

The glove’s material is one of the more apparent decisions you must make when choosing a glove. The more common material choices are cowhide leather, pigskin leather, mesh, or synthetic materials. Traditional cowhide leathers are more durable but take a longer time to break in. Mesh gloves are more flexible, which in turn provides more control, and for absolute beginners, synthetic material is beneficial for its lightweight and maneuverable qualities.

As we said previously, most youth baseball gloves are quite universal in their design, allowing for all positions on the field to be played. However, it is useful to know so that you can take a look at the pocket size of different gloves; in general, deeper pockets are designed for players to further outfield. A shallower glove allows for those in close to pick up the ball and throw with faster precision. Pocket padding should also be an element to consider. Padding reduces the sting of the ball when it comes in contact with your palm, for players close to the batter, more padding is desirable.

There are eight different styles of webbing that you can choose from, depending on the level of control you wish to have. The most significant difference in methods of the web would be the choice between open web and closed web gloves. Gloves with open webbing allow one to see through the glove to catch pop-fly’s, and gloves with closed strap are great for providing added support.


Don’t Forget to Break in The Glove:

As a last-step reminder, once you’ve decided on your glove, make sure you spend the time breaking it in. Here’s a fantastic video to help you with this task.

A Beginner-friendly approach to breaking in a new baseball glove.




The Best Baseball Gloves for youth and around the age of 10

Its never easy finding a perfect baseball glove for a youth player around the age of ten. Be sure to select the right sized glove (9-11 inches for most 10-year olds). They’re growing up quickly, there are many glove options available, and they all seem to accomplish the same goals. However, its important to consider proper sizing, glove materials, prior customer feedback, glove padding, and more. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two while reading this post.

As always, if you have additional recommendations, leave your thoughts in the comments below!